If you are a typical homeowner, you work all week and do not want to spend half of your weekend cleaning your house. You may want to hire help but are unsure whether to choose a professional cleaning company or a private cleaner. The following explains why a housecleaning company is a better and safer choice for your home.

Employee Screening

Any individual can clean homes for a living, but not everyone is qualified to work with a housecleaning company. Heavenly Scent Professionals conducts thorough background checks on its employees to ensure that you have a team you can trust. Private cleaners often have only their own word or that of someone else to vouch for them. You do not know if they are honest or reliable.

Organization and Scheduling

A private cleaner often works alone or with one other person. Once the schedule becomes busy, that person may arrive late or be unable to keep appointments, leading to inconvenience for you. A cleaning company like Heavenly Scent will always be on time with a team of dependable workers to give you the best service.

Reputation and Commitment

The two most important factors in hiring a professional cleaning service are reputation and commitment. You must be able to trust the people who are working in your home to do a good job and arrive on time for each visit. A private cleaner does not always have a strong sense of responsibility, which means there is less commitment and dedication to the job. A cleaning company’s reputation can easily be found by looking online and reading reviews from current clients. In most cases, a private cleaner can only provide recommendations from relatives or friends, which are highly subjective.

Customer Service

Heavenly Scent provides strong customer support in case something goes wrong, such as dissatisfaction with the cleaning or a problem with a staff member. You can also make suggestions for improvement to the service. When you use a private cleaner, there is no option for customer service aside from direct confrontation, which can be uncomfortable and awkward. It is possible the cleaner will simply stop coming to your home, and you will have to start your search again.

Overall, a cleaning company is the best option for vetted, reliable workers. A private cleaner may cost less, but this not worth the risk of having an untrustworthy individual in your home. Heavenly Scent Professionals are always available to meet your cleaning needs on your schedule. Call for a consultation.