• General Cleaning
    Your general cleaning includes bathrooms top to bottom, all the dusting, mopping, and vacuuming throughout the home. In the kitchen we will clean the outside of your appliances, countertops, and spot clean your cabinets. Additional items can always be added to your cleaning.

  • Recurring Services Available
    Trusted scheduling allows you to book a One-time, Monthly, Bi-monthly, or Weekly cleaning. Customize your cleaning to fit your schedule.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    If for some reason an item was missed or you’re not fully satisfied, give us a call and we will make it right.

  • Special Ocasions or Holidays
    Having family over or celebrating a special event and in need of some pre or post cleaning? We can help!

  • Spring Cleanings
    Need help with the inside or your fridge or oven, or even need those baseboards and blinds handwiped? Whether it’s spring or your home just needs some extra attention, we can help.

  • New Customers
    We recommend a deep cleaning on your first visit, then for future cleanings we can add on deep cleaning items as necessary.

  • Moving In or Out of Your Home
    Selling your home and moving into a new one is a big deal. Let us handle your cleaning needs and relieve some of the stress involved with moving.

  • Deep Cleaning Items
    Take advantage of an empty house and tackle some of those deep cleaning items like going inside your cupboards and vanities, handwiping your baseboards and blinds as well as getting inside your oven or fridge.

  • Vacation Rental
    Customize your cleaning schedule based on when your renters will arrive and have them enjoy the benefits of a clean home even if you’re out of state.

  • Property Management Company
    We work with many property management companies to make sure their homes are showroom ready for new renters or buyers.

  • Special Requests
    Looking for special items or multiple services? We can accommodate your cleaning to fit your needs. For example, quarterly window cleaning, yearly carpet and upholstery, or restocking items like toiletries can all be arranged.

  • Commercial Property
    Busy with your customers, employees, or just on the phone nonstop? Don’t have time to vacuum, take out the trash, and do the necessary cleaning? Our professional cleaners will take care of everything so you can concentrate on work.

  • Customizable Cleaning
    Only need your floors, trash, and bathrooms done during the week and a deeper clean during the weekend? Our friendly staff and customizable cleaning software can organize a schedule that works for you.
Arizona House Cleaning
to make things super-efficient, It is a good idea to pick up any clutter around the house like toys or clothes that are lying around. We also ask that you find a comfortable place for your pets while we clean.
As long as we have access to the property you do not need to be home. Our professional cleaners can access your property via spare key, lock box, garage code etc
No, our cleaners are fully equipped with all the necessary supplies to take care of your cleaning.
We will not move appliances. If you need or want cleaning to occur behind or under an appliance, you must arrange to have those appliances moved. We will not clean above anything they cannot reach with the assistance of a two-step ladder. We will not clean in a home that contains hazardous materials.
We will not clean areas that are contaminated with black mold. If you have black mold, you should seek the services of a professional mold remediation company
When you schedule an appointment we will give you a two hour arrival window. Due to the individual needs of every home we clean we can’t give exact time of arrival. We can, upon request, give you a 30 min call ahead.