• High Quality Equipment
    Our technicians are equipped with top quality cleaning equipment to make sure your windows and property are taken care
    of and cleaned without damaging your windows.

  • Services Include

    • Inside / outside window cleaning
    • Screen cleaning
    • Track detailing
    • Garage window cleaning
    • Cobweb removal
    • Exterior light and fixture cleaning
    • Ceiling fans
    • Paint / sticker removal
    • Hard water removal

  • Screens Act Like Filters
    With all the dust we get in Arizona, your screens act like filters
    and collect dirt in the fibers, trapping dirt in between the
    screen and your window. This is a good reason to get your
    windows cleaned more often.

  • Bug Vs. Sun Screens
    Bug screens are typically screens that cover just the open portion
    of your window so insects don’t enter your home while open. Sun
    screens are made of a thicker material that covers the entire
    window, giving your house shade from harsh sun rays.

  • Reconditioning Sun/Solar Screens
    Due to the high heat and extreme sun, your screens have a
    tendency to fade and deteriorate after a short amount of time.
    We can recondition and protect your screens to last longer
    and maintain your curb appeal.

  • Outside Frame and Tracks
    All outside frames and tracks will be cleared of debris and
    cleaned as part of our regular window cleaning process.

  • Inside Window Sills and Tracks
    Our technicians will wipe down all interior window sills when
    doing our regular window cleaning process. For a deeper clean,
    you can add on interior track cleaning where we open your
    window and clear all debris and dirt form the sliding portion of
    your windows

  • Recurring Service
    We provide many convenient and easy to schedule options for
    you to maintan your windows and curb appeal. Schedule a One-time Emergency Cleaning or Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly packages as well.

  • In Between Your Scheduled Services
    It’s best to not spray your windows down with your hose after a
    dust storm. The water in Arizona is one of the hardest in the
    nation and will leave water marks on your glass and frames
    that can be difficult to remove. Give us a call and we can come
    out and do a quick, outside-only cleaning with our pure water
    system at a discounted rate.
Squeegee Window Cleaning
Commercial Window Cleaning

It is a good idea to move any little or fragile items inside your house that are in front of any windows or any larger items outside that may impede us from removing or cleaning your outside windows.

Depending on where you are located and how much dirt and debris are in that area, we have semi-annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly packages. Usually quarterly service is recommended for your outside windows here in the East Valley.
All of our technicians will wear shoe coverings inside your home.
You can add on a rain guarantee at the time of booking and within 48hrs of your service we will come back out and touch up those exterior windows that need attention.
Large areas of hard water may need some extra attention, time, and additional techniques to clean. In very rare cases we may not be able to remove all the hard water as it has already etched the glass.
Yes. At the time of booking just let the office know and we can add that onto your cleaning.
If you have screens that are in need of repair just let us know and we can take them back to our office repair them and then schedule a time to re-install them for you.