• State-of-the-Art Equipment
    Our equipment uses a hot water extraction method that achieves the best cleaning possible.

  • Fresh and Renewed
    We use top-of-the-line products that will extract dirt, grease, allergens, and more without leaving residue

  • Kids and Pets
    You may not see those microscopic bacterias growing, but they are there. Keep your little ones safe by deep cleaning your tile and grout today.

  • Guard Against Stains
    Our clear impregnating sealer fills those small pores in your grout which will prevent spills from absorbing, allowing you to clean before a stain sets in.

  • Great for Maintaining Your Tile
    Sealing your grout is the first step to keeping your tile looking fresh and new while making future cleaning a breeze.

  • Mopping
    When mopping your tile, make sure you use a neutral floor cleaner that will evaporate when drying. Otherwise, you may leave residue that will collect dirt and allergens faster.

  • Vacuum or Sweep
    Frequent vacuuming or sweeping your tile floor will remove the loose soil before it gets ground down and absorbed into your grout.

  • Walk Off Mats
    It’s always a good idea to use outdoor and indoor mats to collect loose soil and moisture before it gets into your home.
Tile Floor Cleaning
It is a good idea to move any little or fragile items that are on end tables or couches so the technicians can move or place the furniture out of the way without damaging or misplacing them.
If we have all the information about your cleaning and have access to the property you do not need to be home. It is a good idea if you have pets or kids to please make sure they are in the other room for safety issue due to our equipment and hoses running throughout your home.
Sealing your grout right after your cleaning is recommended to prevent accidental spills from completely soaking into the grout and potentially staining it.