There are many things you can do to keep your home safe and sanitized during the Covid 19 pandemic. House cleaning – sanitizing & disinfecting products are very effective but do need to be used properly and in the correct locations to achieve the safest level of cleanliness.

The first thing is to make sure you are disinfecting the proper areas in your home. Don’t just limit your cleaning to the door knob or light switch. It’s a good idea to make sure you are disinfecting the areas around them as well. Above the door handle or below if you have little ones. Lots of us push the door closed or use our opposite hand and touch door jams. Sanitize at least a foot above and below all touch points in your home. Read the label and let the product dwell for the appropriate amount of time before you wipe it up.

Heavenly Scent Professionals is going above and beyond our normal safety requirements to make sure you and our employees are safe and healthy during these trying times. Remember we are an essential company and are here to help you with your cleaning needs. When it comes to house cleaning – sanitizing & disinfecting should be your number one concern right now!