Spills happen! Weather you have kids, pets, or a family party, accidents will happen. There are a few things you can do to prevent spills from staining carpet.

The first step is to blot all spills with a clean towel to soak up most if not all of the liquid. Add room temperature water over the spilled area and continue to blot the spot with clean towels. Continue to add water and blot until most if not all the discoloration has been eliminated. Place a fan and block of the location from foot traffic to prevent dirt/soil from sticking to any left over residue.

Your last step to prevent spills from staining carpet is to eliminate any residue left behind. Call your local professional to do a deep clean. When your professional arrives let them know what was spilled so they can use the proper products and methods to clean your carpet. You can always add a carpet protector after your professional has cleaned. These protectors assist in managing spills. You will have more time to soak up the residue and prevent deep staining.

Follow these steps and prevent spills from staining your carpets.  A healthier home will lead to a healthier life!